…si lo que es más preciado se esconde y lo más vil se deja expuesto,
¿acaso no es evidente que la sabiduría que se prohíbe ocultar es más vil que la locura que se manda esconder?
Erasmo, Elogio de la Locura

28 dic. 2010

Multiples utilidades de un gato II

Yin tiene una obsesión con las bolsas de plástico.

Mejor dicho, cumple con responsabilidad una importante labor que es absolutamente necesaria en todos los hogares. Nuestra gata es la tester oficial de polietileno.

Todos reconocerán la utilidad de esta actividad felina. ¿Cómo puede uno confiar en un plástico si no ha pasado las pruebas imprescindibles?

Justo eso meditaría (¿qué duda cabe?) Yin frente a ese mar inmenso de polietileno que Diego usa para proteger los pisos cuando pinta.

El deber la llamaba.

Desde todos los flancos el objetivo fue testeado.

Resultado final certificado: el plástico que usa nuestro pintor pasó la prueba.

Sin embargo, las bolsas del supermercado

y el sachet de leche,


(La tester oficial -yo creo que indignada por este resultado- escapó antes de que pudiera fotografiarla)


Mi madre me manda este mensaje ilustrado:

"Mientras tu gata trabaja de inspectora de plásticos, la mía está en un spa"

8 comentarios:

TC dijo...

La vida moderna es tan complicado y lleno de terribles peligros que es necesario contar con un centinela de antelación, como los canarios que van por delante de los mineros, con el fin de darnos una medida de seguridad.

Eres muy fortuna, Julia, que tan excelente centinela.

(Para huir de una foto-op es, por supuesto, el signo de una modestia admirable, también característica de un buen centinela.)

AJP Crown dijo...

Oh, great pictures. Your mother's has that expression where they're asking "And what do you think you're staring at?", but your cat is completely uninhibited.

TC dijo...

Well, now that the always keen-eyed Artur has touched on this point, it does appear to this remote observer, also, that a remarkably complete freedom from expressive inhibition along with a very high level of domestic security seem to be identifying characteristics chez Julia. Amazing what one small cat can be capable of.

Julia dijo...

My mother could explain this better... I will only say this cat of the "spa" is the greatest tyrant for the other cats in the house...
Although now she lives at my parents, she was brought home by ourselves some years ago. Here you can see how she looked back then. A defenceless little

TC dijo...

Our experience over the years has been that the smallest cats have sometimes been the bravest, and also the greatest tyrants. They may be small, but they manage to "think big". Perhaps necessity is the mother of invention, in life, after all.

(Right now our smallest cat, a female, is ruling the roost, because the biggest cat, her erstwhile rival, is unwell, and her only other rival for dominance, her much larger twin brother, has always deferred to her anyway. She was living half-wild outdoors for many years, and that long trial, it seems, is the source of her formidable survival skills.)

Julia dijo...

This is an absolute truth, Tom.

How are you and your cat doing today? You told me he was better, what about you?

TC dijo...

Well, he is still out of sorts, in a sad state of doldrums. It is very cold out, and for once he shows no interest in going out, which is both a relief and a worry.

Thank you for enquiring about us, Julia. I am finding that old bones do not mend quickly. This is probably not an original discovery. It's all becoming very tiresome.

And now the cat is sneezing, again.

Perhaps we all need to be wrapped in Diego's nice hygienic paint-protection sheets, or better still, deposited in your mother's spa. (But of course that space is presently occupied!)

Julia dijo...

There is plenty of space at my mother's spa (if you manage to share the remaining accomodations with the other 5 cats -she will kill me for revealing this number!).

One always gets tiresome in winter, time seems to be standstill... But it will pass (sooner than later, I hope)