…si lo que es más preciado se esconde y lo más vil se deja expuesto,
¿acaso no es evidente que la sabiduría que se prohíbe ocultar es más vil que la locura que se manda esconder?
Erasmo, Elogio de la Locura

17 dic. 2009

Through the Looking Glass


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TC dijo...

This is beautiful, and dizzying.

A mirror-within-a-mirror-within-a-lens: the experience of dislocation or vertigo in such an image reminds us that one cannot "hold a mirror up to nature" without also holding a mirror up to the mirror, and then another... and then accepting all the cracks in the several mirrors, which after all are merely "perfect" (that is, perfectly limited) multipliers of what is, to begin with, a multiply fractured "reality"...

Julia dijo...

Gracias, Tom! Me alegra que te haya gustado.
You've really added so much to this post. I see now that what you wrote is what I'd like to have written when I published this pictures. Now I can feel that the post is completed
Thank you :-) !!