…si lo que es más preciado se esconde y lo más vil se deja expuesto,
¿acaso no es evidente que la sabiduría que se prohíbe ocultar es más vil que la locura que se manda esconder?
Erasmo, Elogio de la Locura

14 nov. 2011


En Azul, donde la cultura y el arte siempre tuvieron un lugar central...

ahora y desde hace unos años...

los entusiastas de Cervantes empiezan a crecer como hongos.

(Fotos de Juan Cruz Lamuedra ¡Gracias, Juan!)

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AJP Crown dijo...

I love that top one, with the rectangular blocks of stone. It's like a ruin.

AJP Crown dijo...

...And I love the mosaic tile paving, it makes me wish I were in South America right now!

I like the grass bumps they are sitting on too. That must be a Cervantes reference.

Julia dijo...

The pavement, the monument, the lamps and the benches were all designed by Francisco Salamone, that architect of whom (¿is that correct?) I wrote a couple of times before.

We're having a wonderful weather around here these days, leave the snow and come here! (the goats would love to taste our grass)

I haven't even considered if those bumps are a cervantine reference... But I can't imagine which reference would that be. I think there's only a crazy garden designer's idea. They're nice and funny though.

AJP Crown dijo...

The goats are stripping all the remaining leaves in our garden right now, mostly rose and clematis leaves. Holly got completely stuck in a rose bush yesterday, extracting her was painful for both of us.

"Of whom" is correct, I'd probably write "about whom". Francisco Salamone - yes, I remember. His work would be fantastic in films. There are some interesting photos of some of his work here (scroll down half way) that look like stage sets.

Julia dijo...

Poor Holly!
Thank you for the pictures of Salamone's work. Now all his buildings and monuments are restored, it seems that these pictures were taken years ago.
I've read he got his inspiration or had been very impressed by Fritz Lang's Metropolis . Someone should use now his works for a post-modern expressionist film, don't you think?

AJP Crown dijo...

Yes, I do. I think they would be inspiring for any film maker.

I agree that the bumps on the grass are funny, by the way. I've been wondering whether I could do something similar, but it's already pretty bumpy in our garden; you need to start out with pool-table flatness or it would just look like a mistake. It would be a fun thing to do in the middle of the night to someone's lawn.